Every October, my sorority celebrates its Founder’s Day. Though it might be called something different, most groups and organizations have a day marked on the calendar to annually commemorate their founding. It might seem trivial from the outside looking in to think about a bunch of aging sorority girls getting together for a tea party to celebrateContinue reading “Pledged”

Widowed and Quarantined

To say that 2020 has been a rough year is a laughable understatement. If you are superstitious, you might be shaking your finger at me as if daring to talk about it holds the power to summon the next apocalyptic sign. What could possibly sound scarier than murder hornets? Perhaps being quarantined all alone withContinue reading “Widowed and Quarantined”

Doubt From the Devil

As I’ve put my words out into the world, I have opened myself up to a kind of exposure I am not used to. I have always been an introvert and have never felt the need to share my life with others who I don’t know on a personal level. I’ve never really been oneContinue reading “Doubt From the Devil”