Forgetting to Focus

With less than a month before school starts again, I have started to buckle down on getting lessons together, as well as multiple backup plans depending on how the year unfolds. Every time I sit down to work on things I am distracted by Margot asking for a snack every five minutes and Charlotte’s tendencyContinue reading “Forgetting to Focus”

Doubt From the Devil

As I’ve put my words out into the world, I have opened myself up to a kind of exposure I am not used to. I have always been an introvert and have never felt the need to share my life with others who I don’t know on a personal level. I’ve never really been oneContinue reading “Doubt From the Devil”

God’s Perfect Timing

In the summer of 2015, Taylor and I were halfway through our second year of marriage and I had just finished my first year teaching art in Roswell. We were planning to use part of my summer vacation to take a trip to Europe while we were still child free and able to get away.Continue reading “God’s Perfect Timing”