God is My Wisdom

Shortly after welcoming my firstborn.

It is hard for me to wrap my head around, but this week I will have a five year old. The past year has seemed to go by in slow motion for me, but at the same time Margot’s 4th birthday seems like a lifetime ago. Sunday morning I listened to a sermon from our pastor about the importance of wisdom and was reminded of this week three years ago when my firstborn was about to turn two and I was about nine weeks into my second pregnancy. Though she is perfectly healthy now, there were a few scares in the first trimester of Charlotte’s life, and I was hesitant to share the news of my second child with anyone at first as if keeping quiet could somehow protect her. I was serving in the children’s ministry for our local women’s Community Bible Study and as a member of the leadership council, I was tasked with giving a devotional once during the year to open our leadership time.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

-James 1:5

Even after listening to the other women give their devotionals each week since August, I still wasn’t quite sure what a proper devotional was and I certainly had never written or presented one. When my turn came, I was completely unsure of myself and what I was going to present. The topic I was given was “God is My Wisdom.” Hesitantly, I thought about where I sought the Lord’s wisdom most in my own life. As a mother, my biggest priority is the two children God has entrusted me with. My duty is to teach them to know and Love Jesus and I constantly pray for God’s wisdom to guide me in how to do this. Pondering on this phrase of God is My Wisdom, I opened my bible and wrote the following poem that I shared with the women of our leadership council that week along with the news that I was carrying our second child.

(The scriptures I studied as the inspiration for this poem are shared on my Instagram)


God is My Wisdom: A Prayer for My Daughter

By Molly Marley

For this child I have prayed

and you have answered, Father.

Though at a time I thought was too soon,

You blessed me with my daughter.


Trusting in Your perfect plan

for this blessed child who you knew

(even before you formed her in my womb).

I pray she grows to know you too.


May she walk in your light.

Lord, help me show her the way

to be humble and thankful,

dwelling in Your word every day.


Let her both love and fear You, Lord,

seeking You first in all she does.

Lead me to be her example, My God,

of Your everlasting love.


I ask you, Lord, for the wisdom

to show her with my deeds

how to live the Christian life

a Proverbs 31 woman leads.


Like every good and perfect gift,

merciful, pure and sincere,

Your wisdom is heaven sent,

a tool to be held dear.


Guide the way I rear this child

that was baptized in your name.

With a gentle hand help me show her how

to live a life without blame.


May our house always delight in You

and listen to Your voice,

and when Margot seeks Your wisdom too,

let our whole household rejoice!

Margot at 3 and above as a newborn. Photos by Blush Photography.

Happy Birthday, Margot!!

May we all remember to continually seek God’s wisdom in all that we do.

Love, Molly

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