You’re Not Crazy

Our hall tree (a hand-me-down from my Uncle Frank) still holds a few pairs of Taylor’s shoes.

With Halloween approaching, there is an influx of spooky in the air. I’ve thought a lot since Taylor passed on how Hollywood depicts the afterlife. When a character dies in a movie, like Beetlejuice or The Sixth Sense, they are always portrayed by a real actor existing in a real, tangible place. While I don’t think of Hollywood as being the epicenter of biblical living with its never ending stream of news scandals, I think it’s worth considering the cinematic portrayal of the afterlife. Whether or not writers, directors and producers are Christians seems to be a moot point because the film industry universally accepts that there is life after death. I think this ideology, whether or not we are aware of it, is part of our human design.

I spent many sleepless nights this spring looking for any scriptural truths on heaven and reading everything I possibly could on the subject. I was obsessed. My husband was not away on a hunting trip or at a work conference and I desperately needed to place him in my mind. I could feel him with me all the time, but I wanted to see where he was. I wanted to know what he was doing and how he spent his days. This obsession has subsided with the passing months and I’m satisfied just knowing he is in heaven and that it absolutely is a real place, more incredible than anything that could be conjured up in the most artistic and high budget film.

Here is the crazy part…I know there is life after death and I know my husband is still “alive” because Taylor has checked in on me a couple of times. Here is just one example. One night this spring I was home alone and reading in bed with the bedroom door open. The girls were staying with Taylor’s parents for the night to give me respite. Our red heeler, Roaney, was also home and in the bedroom with me. When you walk into our house through the garage (the way we always come in) there is a hallway with our two bedrooms off of it and then it connects to the rest of the house. Taylor had a bad habit of walking in and kicking off his boots, leaving them for someone to trip over right in the middle of the hallway.

“Are not all angels ministering sprits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?”

Hebrews 1:14

There is a hall tree between our bedroom and garage doors. I would always pick up Taylor’s shoes and toss them in the bottom rack so they were out of the way. Several pairs of his shoes had been tucked away there since February. This night as I was home alone and looking for answers and insight into my husband’s whereabouts, I was given just one of many signs from above. Before I went to close my eyes, I got up to double check that I had locked all of the doors to the house when sitting right in the middle of my clean and empty hallway was one of Taylor’s boots. Now I don’t know if people can leave heaven to check in on their loved ones on earth, but God did create angels to be messengers and I know that this sign came from God. One term I have heard that I particularly like is “shoulder tap.”

There might be some people who read this and think I’m crazy, but for those of you have experienced your own shoulder taps, I want to assure you that you are not. I know so many people who have had a similar story or experience in their lifetime where they have received a message from heaven. For many people this is a dream that seems so real. If God designed our subconscious, then why should we think He wouldn’t use our dreams to communicate with us? There are even multiple examples of this kind of communication in the bible. Why do people not talk about their spiritual experiences as if the spiritual realm is not just a thin veil away from our existence? The bible tells us it is there. I encourage you to let go of the fear of being labeled a nutcase and share your own shoulder taps with someone. It just might be the very thing they need to reaffirm their own faith.

Love, Molly

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7 thoughts on “You’re Not Crazy

  1. It’s interesting to read this. My daughter Amelia has randomly said “Hi Mr. Taylor,” multiple times, months after he passed. Without us previously mentioning Taylor at all. I like to think T Made is just checkin in.

      1. I will drive by your house and there forefront in my mind is Taylor’s big smile greeting me as I drive by. It’s real.
        LOVE YOU BIG. Lollie

  2. I have dreams that tell me when someone close will pass within 3 days. Sometimes I know who, but not always. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Not long after he passed I had a dream that Taylor called and left me a voicemail. I don’t remember what he said, but I do remember what an overwhelming sense of peace his words gave me. Papa used to visit me in dreams as well. Not long after our engagement he came and told me how much he likes Neal and what a good choice I had made. I am so grateful for these little shoulder taps. Thank you for sharing one of yours.

  4. My Mimi passed away several year back. Her and I were deeply connected and still are. The night she passed I dreamed of her about 2 hours after she had passed. We were sitting at a table together and I asked her when she was leaving for heaven and if she was ready. She replied, “ Honey your never ready to go, meaning leaving us, but I’m okay with it” with a big smile on her face. That just reassured me that they still love us, are with us, and will visit us and take care of us in their own way, especially when we need them too. And I know he is doing the same for you and the girls.

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